With more childishness and petulance than a premiership footballer seeking a pay rise returns The Left Rights and their new album “Bad Choices Made Easy”. Only their second album in a decade, well, obviously their main job at Mindless Self Indulgence takes up a lot of the time plus writing songs with the mental age of 8 before tightly wrapping them in as much offensiveness as possible is no quick matter either, it is long overdue. As to whether the wait was worthwhile or more of their inspired/perspired wit was needed is truly an individual view and like.

Jimmy Urine and Steve, Righ? once more with their warped thought patterns and unique humour throw ideas and sounds at us with cluster bomb effect. With minuscule schizophrenic explosions of puerile sensibility and immature ramblings, it is a joy to have them back. Yes, they will alienate a whole lot more than they attract with this album, even amongst M.S.I. fans, but for those who find a connection with their unique bedlam the album will be very satisfying.

As with their first album not everything works well or at all to be honest, but that is again a very individual thing listener by listener and with 41 tracks there has to be hits and misses, and those moments that land in fields miles away. Of the mass of tracks only a third can be labelled as songs in the conventional sense, the rest of “Bad Choices Made Easy” is made up with skit like moments and tracks which are more like demented jingles from a disturbed mind.

The stand-out songs include the masked avenger imagery of ‘Pope John Paul the 3RD’, the sexed up ‘Whistling Dixie’, ‘I’m On Crack’ with its infectious electro rock groove, and the lingering dirtiness of ‘Super Suburb Chix’. It is no surprise that these songs and the best one on the release by far, ‘White’, all have a very strong M.S.I. feel and with a small tweak could easily sit in one of their albums.

As always targets are hit hard with The Left Rights piss take gun, from ethnic races, to Sesame Street and Star Wars, that movie will never seem the same again, through to themselves and their bands. Some tracks are hilarious, some are riotous, and some just has one shrugging shoulders questioning as to why, but every bit of “Bad Choices Made Easy” grabs attention.

Whilst listening to the album, thoughts debate whether every aspect of it is carefully written and structured down to the smallest detail, or if the loose and chaotic feel to it is eccentric genius and simply a lucky random car crash, a rambling improvisation from distinctly warped minds. Whatever the reason if it works for you it is a piece of rib tickling sunshine in the day, if it does not it is crap, simple as.

With the afore mentioned tracks and the likes of the hilarious ‘Little Hard Ons’ and the closing soiled ‘rock opera’ of ‘Magic Bone’, Sabbath eat your heart out, “Bad Choices Made Easy” is an eager delight, inconsistent and totally stupid yes, but very welcome. There is no real advancement from The Left Rights debut but truly were we expecting there to be, and if you want rounded and more controlled songs then listen to any M.S.I. album. This is an album for The Left Rights fans solely and only if you can handle Mindless Self Indulgence sounds should you try this as a beginner, but for those of us who have connected it is well worth a visit time and time again.

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