The Engines Of Armageddon - Obelisk“Obelisk” is a 3-track demo of the upcoming second album by British power trio The Engines Of Armageddon. The featured songs ‘Imbibe The Toxin’, ‘Obelisk’ and ‘The Mysterious Case Of Wardenclyffe Tower’ are classic doom metal tracks in the tradition of Black Sabbath, the last one adding death metal elements.

The three songs are rather long and have many different passages, yet they all sound similar due to the band’s power trio sound that doesn’t change throughout the whole demo. Most of the time the music consists of heavy riffing over and over again without any great changes or developments. It simply becomes hard to listen to after so long.

In addition, the sound mix is too dull. Even the vocals don’t make any difference, they almost disappear in the mix. This must be improved, despite the fact that this EP is a demo.

All in all the three songs don’t surprise and are quite mediocre. The final album has to be more diverse, otherwise it won’t be interesting at all. I can only hope that these songs are still works in progress.

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