The UK is currently awash with young up and coming bands, with literally shitloads of talent. Every PR company, every label, every manager is telling us who are the brightest new stars and who are going to be “the next big thing”. The thing is, talent nowadays is only part of what you need, you need something to give you that “edge”, something to take you above and beyond merely being a talented young band.

Step forward The Dirty Youth, because with their latest single “Fight”, these guys are offering a lesson in how to stand out, and they have become serious contenders for the gold medal in the “ones to watch” category.

TDY are creating waves. They have talent in spades, and they back this talent up with attitude and presence. There will be comparisons aplenty with Paramore, and the chameleon haired TDY front woman Danni Monroe can comfortably stand toe to toe with a certain Hayley Williams. Her pipes and persona are huge and “Fight” is the perfect showcase for her ability. Captivating yet intimidating, she is the perfect weapon to spearhead the hugely infectious and raucous tune.

It’s not just the Danni Monroe show, the rest of the band are spot on. The riffwork of Matt Bond and Luke Padfield is clinical, and with such a hook laden track they’re definitely no slouches when it comes to fondling fretboards. Complete the set with Leon Watkins and Tom Hall on bass and drums respectively, and you have a complete package capable of turning these waves into a full on tsunami.

The real proof of the pudding will come with their debut album “Red Light Fix” (due in October 2011 via Universal), but until then we’re more than happy waiting a little longer, as we here at TINAS strongly believe “Something’s about to erupt!”

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