Camden Town high flyers The Defiled, Welsh rockers Revoker and Texans Murder FM invaded The Roadhouse in Manchester and when you hear these names, TINAS could not resist!

Murder FM made their mark on the scene not too long ago with their industrial rock influences and their energetic stage presence. Although, not familiar with their overall sound, Manchester was respectful to Murder FM and were entertained in return. No doubt gathering a few more fans along the way.

Team TINAS just simply couldn’t hold any excitement back from view when Welsh rockers Revoker were due to start. Revoker are no strangers to the scene at all. They’ve already wowed their masses and gaining more through supports in the major UK festivals along with with Sepultura and Cavalera Conspiracy, with their more recent Rob Zombie and Hammerfest performances. With their blossoming debut “Revenge For The Ruthless” and a seventeen day mammoth tour with bone crushers Chimaira in March 2012, they are set to take on the world, beginning with Manchester!

The intensive ‘Time To Die’ blew the crowd into a frenzy right from the very start of their set, thanks to bassist Shane Phillips, guitarist Chris Green, Jack Pritchard‘s crashing drumbeats and Jamie Mathias‘ unifying vocals and guitar work. Cheers and smiles were shared across the venue as Revoker stepped on the gas peddle, instigating a mosh pit that lasted for a good while.

Another mosh pit friendly assault in the form of ‘Great Pretender’ also allowed the crowd to sing along at the top of their lungs. ‘Not To Be Moved’ and the monstrous ‘Thief’ followed quickly after. The vibrations of drumbeats, screeching guitars and chants led to the headbanger ‘Stay Down’, which made the place jump with their own flavour reminiscent of Five Finger Death Punch and then gave Manchester the crowd pleaser ‘Born To Be An Outlaw’ to bring an end their awesome performance.

With their tremendous chemistry, tight musicianship and their whip cracks of metal, Revoker demonstrated to Manchester they deserve the plaudits they have been getting and deserve to be bigger than they are. All the boxes ticked lads!

The Camden Town maniacs, The Defiled, should be looked upon with admiration, with the strong reviews of their debut album “Grave Times,” obtaining a support spot for Murderdolls  and solid performances at this year’s Sonisphere and Bloodstock festivals. Now with an epic headlining tour to add to their portfolio, it looks like nothing is going to stop them.

Introducing the Middle Finger Metal quintet with the dramatic opener ‘In The Land Of Fools’ has immediately got the venue moving, as water dripped from the ceiling, bodies bounced into each other on the floor and words were shouted at the tops of voices. Heart-pounders ‘The Resurrectionists’ and ‘Metropolis’ struck several nerves as the cramped The Roadhouse transformed into seething mass of flesh. Everyone was swept up by the wave caused by their blistering new single ‘Black Death’ and the fiery ‘1888’ from their EP release of the same name.

Thankfully, the seething mass of flesh relented as AVD‘s majestically demoralised keyboard and Stitch D‘s acoustic guitar provided the ghoulish aria of their nihilistic ‘Final Sleep’. Time to entertain their masses with a J.C. special on the drums and, boy TINAS loved it! It was back to business with their blood-dripping news report that led into the bone-crushing ‘Blood Sells’, which erupted into chaotic pit. The destructive ‘Call To Arms’, which gave Manchester the chance to rip their hearts and voices apart. The tumultuous ‘Red Tape’, from their “1888” EP release, was perfect to close the chaos of their set !

There was even amounts of apprehension and excitement heading to the oven and see what fire would be ignited when you hear names like The Defiled, Revoker & Murder FM. On this occasion, the fire raged and the crowd walked out of The Roadhouse dripping wet, battered and bruised and grinning from ear to ear. Manchester had been murdered, revoked and defiled… Nobody seemed to care, TINAS didn’t either!