Often bands that are branded as the next big thing or the saviours of British metal from virtually day one, succumb to the pressure or maybe a misguided belief the job is done. So, it is time to see what the debut album from acclaimed The Defiled has in store for us. Well, just from the initial play, I can tell you ‘Grave Times’ is an all guns blazing ten track arsenal of sounds, noises, melodies and ripping metal.

It all kicks off with ‘In The Land Of The Fools’ with its slow intro build up that is like the awakening of a impending metal beast before bursting into a straight to the vein metalcore track. The rasping growls of guitarist Stitch D blended with his melodic vocals are a crucial part to what makes their sound work so well, he is the link to their varied sounds from track to track and within songs and though in rare moments his delivery is a little wayward as on ‘The Ill Disposed’ he brings all the elements together into a focal point.  ‘Call To Arms’ is the second track and a great assault on the senses with its crushing hardcore opening attack before switching to a gentler chorus as the synth sound of The AvD permeates the track, turning the piece into a Fear Factory/Lost Prophets meld, sounds a weird mix but listen and you will see what I mean and it really works. The rampaging guitars from Stitch D and Curse steer each track neatly with the bulging and powerful rhythms of J.C.’s drums and the throbbing bass of Vincent Hyde the steely backbone. No finer example of this is ‘Blood Sells’, a rampant slice of metal which reminds me, and not only on just this track but throughout, of the now deceased I-Def-I, very often they are uncannily close and as a big fan of the band this is something in The Defiled’s plus box.

Currently the video for ‘The Resurrectionists’ is being played everywhere and receiving unrelenting hits and it is no surprise from just listening to the song. An out and out mosh filled metalcore demolition ball of sound taking out all in its way but without neglecting its melodic side. This is a track that bands like American Head Charge would kill to have on an album. Listening to tracks such as ‘Black Death’ or ‘Metropolis’, for example, you can see they have listened to varied sub genres of metal from the hardest and heaviest to the more electro fiddling of say a Rammstein, been influenced and turned it into something better to add to their sound and ideas.

With regard to the thought and declaration of many that The Defiled are the future of metal, I am not so sure but they will be an important part of where it is going from the evidence of  ‘Grave Times’. I will say because we all do it, do not be mistaken if seeing a picture of the band first and thinking they must be the bastard sons of the shotgun marriage between Wednesday 13 and Deathstars, make your judgement on the sound not the look. At first, I was a touch non committal but upon further plays of the album I was won over and now am one who is backing The Defiled to move to even greater heights, as long as they don’t fall into the ‘already there’ trap.

Grave Times’ is out now on Raise The Game Records.

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