TesseracT - Concealing Fate EPI’ve recently heard TesseracT referred to as ‘ethereal’ and that description isn’t far from accurate. “Concealing Fate EP”, the debut release from the five piece technical progressive metallers, will take you on an atmospheric journey that will not disappoint.

‘Acceptance’ is the opener, gentle at first but  it soon erupts into heavy bass, ripping guitars, pounding drums and resonant vocals – this track immediately grabs your attention and continues to keep hold of it for the entire 8m and 34s. The production on this EP blends the various elements superbly together and the listener is soon catapulted into ‘Deception’; faster than ‘Acceptance’ but resolute in form. We’re told to “breathe in and reach out” by ‘The Impossible’ a tune which is heavily driven by the bass and possibly one of the stand-out tracks for me on this EP.

‘Perfection’ follows but alas, it’s possibly the weakest song for me on this debut release – still offering the same pummelling drums and guitars but with a soft, almost pop, vocal at times which leaves me not entirely convinced. However, ‘Epiphany’ brings it crashing back round to my kind of music, grabbing your attention immediately, delivering divergent riffs, heavy drums and resolute bass – this one is short and sweet, but well worth putting on repeat for a while!

TesseracT deliver their final bow with ‘Origin’. We’re asked; “why should it have to end this way” [sic] and that sums it up rather well. After hearing the “Concealing Fate EP” and catching their live performance, I’m seriously looking forward to hearing more from TesseracT when their debut album “One” is released later this year through Century Media.

TesseracT – Official website