The Lowering The Tone tour rolled into Manchester with its unique blend of progressive, experimental metal and “Djent”. There was an air of anticipation for the good night of metal that lay ahead. As we had experienced at numerous previous gigs here, it may get hot.

Basick Records new boys Uneven Structure was the first band to take the Manchester Academy 3 stage to unleash their sounds. The French progressive metal quintet revealed their guitar skills, infusing sounds of pummelling heaviness with enviable technical metal. Sounding similar to Björn “Speed” Strid of Soilwork, the voice of Matthieu Romarin suited matched the ferocity of their sound. Playing tracks from their forthcoming debut album “Februus”. The crowd approved of this also as did we, good work by Uneven Structure!

Fellow Basick Records band Chimp Spanner was the main support band for the Lowering The Tone tour. The brainchild behind the band, Paul Antonio Ortiz, revealed to Manchester that they are an instrumental band. Ortiz then immediately filled the room with a cacophony of heavy grinds, ambient chills & his unique technical abilities that charmed the audience. We were led on a mesmerizing journey by the Chimp Spanner quartet. Playing tracks mainly from the immense “At The Dream’s Edge” album the set was flawless, we even think we may have heard a new track in there too!

Before TesseracT took to the stage, the question burning on everyone’s lips was: “Can new singer Elliot Coleman can match up to predecessor Daniel Tompkins tonight?” One way to find out eh? Let the show commence!

As the TesseracT members walked on stage to take their positions, ‘Hollow’ was the first track to play and it was the instant rush the crowd had been waiting for. On walked Elliot Coleman… the man who replaced Daniel Tompkins not so long ago. Midway through the song, Coleman drew his first breath and exposed his voice to us. Maybe at first glance, the crowd was a little apprehensive towards Coleman’s take on the track. But not for long…

After the warm applause faded the intro to ‘Concealing Fate Part Two-Deception’ began, uneasy waves of hair and bodies began to crash upon us. All of a sudden, Coleman belted his voice for us all to hear. The audience was indeed pleasantly surprised, hitting the high notes with ease and adding more visceral growls into the mix making a favoured song very unique. Coleman‘s style fits very well with the TesseracT sound and, as Manchester were a critical crowd to please if members change, it was a very positive answer to that original question!

Pummelling tracks ‘Concealing Fate Part Three – The Impossible’ and ‘Sunrise’ erupted into our ears and we proceeded to headbang with whatever energy we had. Then they took us onto recent release ‘Nascent’. Adding growls into the chorus, it made the track quite hypnotic as Coleman hits the high notes quite elegantly.

The three ‘Concealing Fate’ tracks known as ‘Perfection’, ‘Epiphany’ & ‘Origin’ took us all on a ten minute journey of progressive metal beauty with heaviness and perfect vocals performed by all members. ‘April’, was intricate and impressive and got the audience relaxed until the night almost came to an end.

To conclude the night, ‘Concealing Fate Part One – Acceptance’ was the final calm before the storm moment. As soon as the first heavy chord struck the strings, a hole was ripped in the middle of the venue. Out of nowhere a massive mosh pit erupted out of the floor. It didn’t surprised us to see the circle spread out and last for quite some time. Usually pits wouldn’t last too long, but this lasted pretty nicely to spark the end to a great night.

The answer to the question was a resounding “YES”… Elliot Coleman more than fills the rather large boots left by Dan Tompkins, in fact, we think that he actually takes things to the next level. We cannot wait to hear new material with Coleman‘s vocals on it!