System Divide is the new band by Sven de Caluwé of Aborted fame. Together with former members from Abigail Williams and Distorted he founded the band back in 2008. The Conscious Sedation is the title of their debut album. Let’s see what the band has in store for us.

System Divide marries the familiar sounds of Aborted (The Archaic Abattoir) with the melodic angle of Soilwork and the gothic rock meanderings of Lacuna Coil. This results in quite a combustible and accessible take on melodic death metal. Sven’s ferocious growls and screams work great in tandem with the mid range female vocals by Miri Milman. Her vocal style is somewhat reminiscent of Christina Scabbia, hence the Lacuna Coil connection. Her contributions coupled with a keen sense of melody keep The Conscious Sedation rather accessible.

The song writing on The Conscious Sedation is as solid as they come. This is effectively demonstrated in tracks like ‘Vagaries Of Perception’, ‘Echoes’, ‘The Apex Doctrine’, ‘Purity In Imperfection’ and the title track. A healthy dose of groove, technical prowess and some genuine catchy hooks and choruses make this album a true winner.

The convincing song material is backed up with a heavy and modern production. This gives the album the edge it needs and The Conscious Sedation certainly stands up strongly in a genre that is positively bursting at the seams.

With the current popularity of melodic death metal/core and gothic rock/metal System Divide have the potential to go far. With a solid and powerful album like The Conscious Sedation under their belt, these guys have a brilliant future ahead of them.

System Divide – MySpace page