With our Big 4 bangovers still very much in effect we made our way to the Apollo Stage at the crack of dawn to catch one of Britain’s rising bands. The band in question was, of course, Reading’s own, Sylosis.

Despite the early hour, yes 11am is an early hour…, we were joined by thousands of Sylosis fans and many others catching a first glimpse of the Berkshire metallers, with more arriving every minute.

Since assuming the frontman role from Jamie Graham after his departure, Josh Middleton has grown into the role and is now a very accomplished vocalist, as well as already being known as a master axe wielder. With a now settled line-up of Josh Middleton, Alex Bailey, Carl Parnell and Rob Callard, Sylosis are a band you will be hearing a lot more about in 2011/12!

The Sylosis set, albeit 5 tracks long, was a mixture of tracks from their two full length releases, “Conclusion Of An Age” and “Edge of the Earth. The crowd seemed to enjoy it, as did we, forming huge circle pits either side of the barrier at the front. A pretty impressive feat at that time of the morning but then again what better way to cure a bangover than to circle pit to Sylosis!

Sylosis setlist:
Reflections Through Fire
Altered States of Consciousness

Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal