Storm Corporation is a name that suggests merciless power and aggression and that a full on metal onslaught will be the order of the day.  The UK band from Preston certainly deliver a force not to be sniffed at with their rock/metal grooves and though they are no metalcore or hardcore band they harness an energy with riff driven melodies that rivals most. Since forming in 2009, and especially through 2010, the band have been building up respect and praise as well as fans for their creative and intense rock/metal sound. Storm Corporation’s new release “A Quiet Belief In Angels” is 7 tracks of blended rock melodies over a pulse beat of tough and at times uncompromising metal sounds, crowned by the smooth and potent vocals of Georgia ‘G’ Howson.

Dreamless’ starts off the release and is a strong opener with its striding bass riffs and deep twirling guitars after an angelic burst of voice for the first few notes. The choppy guitar strokes and melodic tones from guitarists Michael ‘Rossy’ Rawsthorne and Paul ‘Junior’ Hindle take the track into a blend of classic rock and progressive goth noises and compliment Howson’s indie rock voice neatly.  ‘Set In Stone’ continues this great start with its driving dynamic attack, the probing of bass slapper Mark ‘The Bucket’ Rowe lifting the track up a level, ably backed up by the hard hitting drums of Ryan ‘Sticknastics’ Briggs. Storm Corporation are more than capable too of mixing up the pace and feel to their music whether within a song like ‘Story Of A Scar’, a track that switches back and forth between stylish and neat guitar with slower vocal melodies to a metal surge that would not be out of place on any track by Machinehead or Killswitch Engage, to producing a touching ballad of emotion as inNever Far’. This track was composed about and on the anniversary of the brutal murder of Sophie Lancaster in Bacup, Lancashire in 2007 and is a sensitive and poetic piece showing  a wonderful vocal performance by Howson displaying her full range which at times are a touch subdued elsewhere.

For me the most striking track on “A Quiet Belief In Angels” is ‘Deathwish’ with its deadly intro and Pantera type riffs forging a dynamic back bone to the track. Everything comes together perfectly again swinging from aggressive to melodic persuasions. Irresistible and the track for me that suggests there is so much more within the band to explore and evolve into. The title track closes the release and is a solid track but along with earlier song ‘Meccatronix’ does not rise to the level of previous tracks, having a more formula and filler feel to them. That is probably being a touch unjust but against the stirring ideas and moments in other places on “A Quiet Belief In Angels” they feel a little flat and laboured.

Storm Corporation have, with this release, stepped up and announced they are a band to keep an eye on and though they might still be a small journey from realising their full potential there is more than enough here to know they should be watched closely and enjoyed.

“A Quiet Belief In Angels” is released March 28th and for more info on Storm Corporation visit their Official Website.