Norwegian experimentalists Shining took to the Terrorizer Stage and immediately filled the room with a cacophonous noise that few bands on the day could live with. The quartet exploded onto the stage with a very different type of noise than any of the previous acts, with front man Jorgen Munkeby taking on saxophone duties as well as vocals.

The band attacked all senses right from the start, with the crowd exposed to an onslaught of lights and sound for Shining’s brief but excellent performance. With the band only able to play four songs (all from current album “Blackjazz”) during their set, they didn’t hold back and quickly moved from one to the other, culminating in an awesome cover of King Crimson’s ‘21st Century Schizoid Man’.

What you really see with these songs when played live is how much is actually going on in them. You can hear a lot on the album, but when you see that band members are almost locked into a zone playing their own part. It all comes together into one all encompassing noise that seems to draw you in and not let you go until you come out of the other side battered and bruised.

Shining setlist:
Healter Skelter
The Madness And The Damage Done
21st Century Schizoid Man

Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal