One band we were eager to speak with at Sonisphere was Roadrunner Records‘ uprising new boys Revoker. So Shane Phillips took some time away from thumbing the low notes to tell us of Revoker’s origins, Roadrunner’s power …and that he doesn’t like football.

Right here we are with Shane from Revoker. We’re at Sonisphere… how does that make you feel?

Pretty damn amazing to be honest. Just can’t wait to get on the stage and play.

Yeah, you’re not on til tomorrow, were you here yesterday to catch the Big 4?

No, we played in Newcastle yesterday with Cavalera Conspiracy. So I am gutted we missed Metallica, but at the same time we had an absolutely awesome show in Newcastle, so we can’t complain.

Yesterday was all about the Big 4 though, so who would you say is your Big 4?

As in my four favourites?

Yeah as in, you’re going to go and pay money for a line up of four bands, who would it be?

Phwoar… Rage Against The Machine, Limp Bizkit, Metallica and, well I know it couldn’t happen but Pantera.

We’ll allow you Pantera, enough respect there. So you’ve signed for Roadrunner now, do you want to tell us how that all came about?

Well, we was recording an EP in a Studio down in Newport, and next door to that Benji from Skindred has got his own little rehearsal room. And he was walking past one day, and he heard us you know playing our stuff, he stuck his head round the corner and asked if he could kind of produce a couple of our songs. So of course we said yeah, and the next thing we knew Roadrunner were knocking on our door! So it was pretty amazing.

So did that EP ever come out, or was it engulfed in Revenge For The Ruthless?

Well we sent that EP off to the people at the label, and they asked to hear more songs. So we recorded like a ten track album, and we got signed on the strength of that. They then said they wanted us to write like another ten songs, pick the best 16 out of those 20 record them, and that’s what we’ve done.

So you could say it’s been a bit of a whirlwind then?

Yeah, it’s been absolutely unbelievable. I mean for the last two years, we all had like a job as well as being in the band. So yeah, we quit our jobs, as soon as we’d done that we recorded the album, and we’ve been out on the road ever since really.

Do you think you could only really do that with Roadrunner, I mean there are so many bands out there that are absolutely cracking, but they’ve still got to keep the day jobs?

Well yeah, and it’s the internet that’s killed it. I mean I’d much rather have a proper CD in my hands, but so many people are like downloading music and ripping bands off basically, but there’s nothing you can do about it really is there?

But there is an argument, that if it is actually getting people to your shows, cos that’s where the money’s at, then it’s a good thing?

Yeah yeah, it is a bit of give and take I suppose. Like I’m gutted that bands are not selling as many albums these days, but like you said if it gets people into the band and turning up for shows then happy days.

The other thing that we seem to be noticing is the resurgence of Welsh bands… what’s happening down there that’s causing this?

(laughing) I have no idea. I mean it’s like where we come from there’s not a lot to do, so you can either go out and get wasted on drugs and what have you, and get into all kinds of trouble, or you can start a band. And that’s what we’ve done, and we’ve just carried on at it you know.

So what was it that made you decide to be in a band, who was the person who made you pick up your instrument and think, “right that’s what I want to do”?

Well, my biggest influences, Sam Rivers from Limp Bizkit, Timmy C from Rage Against The Machine. I mean they are like my two favourite bass players, and my Dad is in a band as well, so I used to go follow my Dad around playing in bands and stuff, and it just made me want to do it. But what made me like really want to concentrate on the band was, I got jumped by a couple of boys a few years ago. Jumped out on the street, and I just thought I don’t want to be part of that kind of thing any more, so I wanted to concentrate on music and get myself out of that lark.

So where now for Revoker?

Well after this we’ve got a few more shows, like Bloodstock we’re playing and Hevy Festival. Then we’re hoping that round September time we’ll have a UK and European tour… so keep your eyes open for that.

Brilliant, well one final thing, especially with it all being in the news lately. You’re Welsh, so where do you stand on the subject of a Great Britain football team for the Olympics.

(laughing) I don’t even like football to be honest. I’m Welsh, I’m a rugby man

So before we lost our intrepid reporter into the mire of the England/Wales rugby debate, we wound up the interview, thanked and wished Shane and Revoker the best of look as we look forward to catching them again later on their travels.

Revenge For The Ruthless is a stonking album and you will be able to catch the guys live at either Hevy, Bloodstock or supporting The Defiled later in the year.