Seventh Void were founded by Kenny Hicky (guitars, vocals) and Johnny Kelly (drums) of Type O Negative fame. Originally intended as a side project, it became their main project after the sudden demise of Peter Steele. His death gives the album title, Heaven Is Gone, an unintentional darker meaning. Let’s see what the music is all about.

Type O Negative would be the obvious reference point here, but besides their Black Sabbath influences, both bands have very little in common. Where Type O Negative relied on massive layers upon layers of keyboards and Peter Steel’s trademark deep vocals, Seventh Void have a more basic guitar driven approach. This is highlighted by the loose bluesy inspired guitar leads and riffs by Kenny Hickey and the laid back drumming style of Johnny Kelly.

Hicky’s vocals have an uncanny resemblance to Chris Cornell in his Temple Of The Dog and early Soundgarden days. The raw production of this album reminds me quite a lot of Badmotorfinger by the aforementioned Soundgarden. ‘The End Of All Time’, ‘Descent’ and ‘Drown Inside’ reinforce that connection. Alice In Chains seems to be another influence, especially when it comes to the general feeling and atmosphere of this album and a couple of vocal lines here and there. Especially ‘Death Of A Junkie’ has this specific Alice in Chains vibe.

Heaven Is Gone has a gritty and heavy production. It gives the album a loveable dirty edge, enforcing the bluesy and doomy character of the song material.

Personally I don’t mind the obvious references to Soundgarden and Alice In Chains, since I’m fond of both bands. This makes Heaven Is Gone a very enjoyable, but not quite an innovative or original album. To hell with that, this album demands your attention if you’re into doom metal with blues and grunge influences. Period.

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