Senser - 2,3 ClearSince the energetic infectiousness of their track  ‘No Comply’ hit my ears back in the mid 90’s Senser have never been far from my choice of daily plays and despite roller-coaster times for the band internally and musically any news of something new always brings a tingle of anticipation. ‘2,3 Clear’ is the new single from the London based band and though not a brand new track it does bring a new flavour and reminds us all they are still around and have a voice that is just as relevant now as when the track was first released.

From their first album “Stacked Up”, Senser have been at the forefront of UK rock rap but also had links in electronica and hip-hop fusing it all into their own sound. Sitting somewhere between Rage Against The Machine and Asian Dub Foundation they have brought their politically charged attitude and aggression throughout their existence and the new single is no exception. ‘2, 3 Clear’ has been taken from Senser’s 2009 album ‘How To Do Battle’ and in the hands of legendary producers Dean Roddell and Current Value given a new 2011 update bringing a new intensity and steel to the track.

Written around the G8 Summit the lyrics are as exact and to the point as ever and maybe fit even more so in today’s restless world than even back then. The vocals of Heitham Al sayed and Kerstin Haigh, as ever, are a strength and for me Senser has always been at their best when Heitham has been leading the band lyrically and vocally.

2,3 Clear’ 2011 is a more intense and fuller mix than the album original with the producers giving it more of an edge that feels apt with the lyrical content and the today’s world’s daily unrest . Saying that though this is not a major alternative version but one that emphasises more on the different elements and new thoughts focusing and spicing up the vocals. It is not a big departure or improvement but nor is it any step back, simply a reworking of a great track and thus a good single showing Senser at their best. ‘2, 3 Clear’ is released on April 11 and will also be available as a free download on the band’s website as a digital single.

Senser – Official Website