Seidr - For Winter Fire“For Winter Fire” is the new album by North American drone doom metal band Seidr. Most striking is the fact that most songs last for more than ten minutes but if one takes this a step further and remembers the band’s genre the game is almost done: rather monotonic guitar and bass drones, slow drum beats, sometimes growled vocals and keyboard additions are what it’s all about here.

Whilst the opening track ‘A Vision From Hlidskjalf’ shows that the band can create great songs, its concept is repeated almost  entirely throughout the whole album and makes it somehow difficult to listen to. Even sadder is that the band could have easily made the album more interesting by incorporating acoustic passages into the drone doom tracks instead of, for example, simply pushing the acoustic song ‘In The Ashes’ in between the others. This also has a downside: the single acoustic track doesn’t really fit to the other songs.

Furthermore, the length of the songs and the lack of different structures are the major problems of this album. There are some changes within the songs yet they seem as if one would only look at a picture from a different angle. Listening to all the slow power is quite exhausting, although I normally really like such songs. However, the production is very good, especially the drums – but the album’s concept just doesn’t work and drags it all down.

All in all “For Winter Fire” could have been a great album – if only Seidr had made more out of their ideas instead of simply relying to the usual drone doom metal idea.