Royal Thunder - Royal ThunderAfter the short ‘Intro’ and from the first beats and chords of ‘Sleeping Witch’ it is clear where the American rock trio Royal Thunder is going to take the listener on a journey back in time with their self-titled debut EP: it’s all about hard rock and heavy metal in the late 60s and 70s style.

Now if you’re not a fan of “retro rock” this surely won’t be your thing at all. But what is very interesting about this band is that they know how to create a certain sound of their own, not only because of Mlny (Melany) Parsonz’s powerful vocals but also the band’s playing abilities, although Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck and even Cream can all be heard in there at various times.

Yet the band also has the feeling for bringing the old power back to today, so to speak. Such tracks as ‘Low’, ‘Deacon’ or ‘Grave Dance’ even sound quite modern, with the latter having some kind of folk metal touch, too.

These tracks show how to use the old sound in a great way but sadly that’s about it. The heavy and dark sounds of vintage guitar, bass and drums just crawl through all other tracks. But don’t get me wrong: the band’s musical capabilities are great, it’s only the songs that need a little improvement.

In the end Royal Thunder’s self-titled debut EP shows the way to go and is a solid performance, indeed – but they need to find their own sound. It works a few times but that’s not enough. It rather sounds like a mix of heavy 70s music most of the time.

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