Royal Peeps - Alessia's WalkAnd now for something completely different, a man with … no wait … some funk and soul!  That’s right, it’s time for a change from the usual heavy and harsh sounds of metal and lighten up a little and where better to start than with the Royal Peeps’ debut album “Alessia’s Walk”.  A rather funky and toe-tappingly good album to be listening to on a Sunday morning.

Royal Peeps are a collective of talented musicians from across the United States, brought together by producer and song writer Christian Basso to create the debut album “Alessia’s Walk”.

First up is “Sweet Life”, Ty Taylor (Vintage Trouble) brings an almost Stevie Wonder-esque tone to the song.  Along with the brass section, consisting of guests Ron Haynes on trumpet and Johnny Janowiak on trombone, adds a whole new dimension to the chilled out and relaxing song.  You really should be out in the sunshine with a beer listening to this one.

Next up is “It’s a Love Thing”.  The first thing you notice is Leo Nocentelli and his really catchy riff for this track, that alone gets you moving.  Fairly simple but it goes well and compliments the song as a whole. The harmonising within the vocals during the choruses are a really good part of this track.  As well as the wonderful work on the keyboard by CR Gruver.

Now the next would have been a hit from the off, if this were the sixties or seventies.  “Have No Doubt”, it screams out everything soul had in that era.  You’d want to be out there “busting some grooves” (that was the technical term, or so I hear) whilst listening to this really catchy love song.

Bringing us onto “Wishful Thinking”, I thought I’d accidentally put some Pink Floyd on at the start, a rather proggy start to the song which no one can complain about.  Then when Ty starts singing, there is something really familiar about it, something I can’t quite reach and that will annoy me for some time.  This maybe one of the highlights of the album with the really good rhythms guitars throughout and the brilliant vocals in the choruses.

Then we have a few really modern trance, progressive soul tracks “Sneaky Love”, “Alessia’s Walk”, “Give and Give” and “Apple Face (Blue Skies)”.  Almost a mishmash of genres and eras, but all of them work really well together.  With Leo doing some great guitar work.

Now some good old fashioned rock and roll with some heavy, well heavier, riffs and faster picking with the track “Supersonic”.  Even with the heavier tones Ty’s voice works perfectly and surprisingly they keep the brass section and to great effect.  We would never have thought It would have worked but by god it did!  “Free the monkey in yourself” – good advise to all.

Time to slow things down with “Bittersweet” and also wind down the album nicely.  A really … nice song (for want of a better word).  I don’t want to call it a generic love song, as that could be a construed as boring, but it’s really not.  It has everything that all good love songs have,whatever ‘that’ maybe?

Finally “Caring for a Stranger”, with vocals from guest Kandace Lindsey.  Imagine “The Great Gig In The Sky” by Pink Floyd, now make that a bit (and I mean a bit) more cheerful.  It may simply be the style of music that makes it that little bit more happy, but that seems to be the essence of this song.  Kandace’s voice is rather powerful in this piece and compliments the piano well.

This is a great easy listening album for literally anywhere, your house, in the clubs, driving, you name it, it would never be out of place.  In fact we are really looking forward to see Royal Peeps live (fingers crossed)!  Now off to get some more funk.

Royal Peeps – Official Website