Romeo Must Die - Hardships In SeasonAs a group Romeo Must Die has had a relatively short life span being formed around or at least starting to write around 2009, out of the ashes of brutal UK hardcore legends of Stampin’ Ground. Their debut full length album “Harships in Season” sets the tone of pure brutality for the band. Musically they are somewhere in the never-regions between styles with a new unique sound that is both refreshing and brings the comfort of some really old school sounds.

‘Better off Dead’ has a real Biohazard feel to it, bringing the hardcore style fast and furious with some nice guitar solo work. It is truly great to hear a new take on some of the old style sounds. Contrast that with ‘Let Them Hate’ which is just pure fist pumping metal from start to finish. This versatility really gives the listener a wide range of pleasures.

The starts and stops and pounding riffs are in perfect time. For a band so young to have this kind of cohesion can only mean that the future is bright. ’15 Minutes of Shame really’ drives this point home, composed of shear driving riffs and beats all in perfect time. Accentuated by Frakes-Sime‘s driving vocals. This cohesion and musical ability give way to face melting metal from the alpha to the omega.

‘Breathing Fire’ harkens back to a more traditional metal sound. This really has some great guitar work and the continued spot on vocal work gives way to more and more headbanging pleasure. The guitar solos have a real old school early 80’s feel to it wrapped up in the freshness of Romeo Must Die. This quintet has really captured the essence of drawing on past styles of music but keeping their feet firmly in originality.

“Harships in Season” clocks in at a massive 50 minutes of old and new, shear brutality. If you want to hear some good old hardcore with sprinkles of traditional sound and metalcore this is the release for you. Production is top notch, the skill of all five is professional and the loud and pound factor is well over ten. All in all a fantastic release, one meant to be turned loud to let the beer and fist pumping action flow. Heart and nerve pounding at its best. Lets hope that this is just a sample of what’s to come from Romeo Must Die!

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