Rival Sons are superb, that’s a fact. Today’s Jägermeister Stage performance reinforces this fact tenfold, and these boys really are on fire. The latest addition to the Earache stable, anyone expecting the usual Earache extremities will be sorely disappointed, as these boys serve up a treat with jazz infused blues rock anthems.

The whole vibe is raw and organic and Rival Sons‘ frontman Jay Buchanan is ever the perfect retro rock idol. Like a modern day combination of Jim Morrison and Robert Plant, Buchanan has just the right amount of swagger and style to make the stage his home. The vocals on the raucous ‘Burn Down Los Angeles’ and ‘Pressure and Time’ are nothing short of awesome, sending chills down the gathered masses at front and centre stage. Combine these raw visceral vocals with the fluid guitarwork of Scott Holiday, the bass panache of Robin Everhart and you have a real blues powerhouse of an outfit.

Holiday’s slide guitar and tone is superb, cutting such addictive hooks and grooves across the Sonisphere crowd. ‘Gypsy Heart’ has everyone rocking, ‘Only One’ showcases Buchanan’s soul dripping vocals whilst Everhart is the epitome of cool, and is probably the only non Yorkshire man to get away with wearing a flat cap.

Rival Sons gave one of the performances of Sonisphere for us; no gimmicks just balls out Rock n Roll. They have been billed as one of the best bands to come out of America, and by today’s Sonisphere performance these bold claims are spot on. We would not be surprised with anything other than a meteoric rise from these boys.

Photos by Danny ‘Sambuca’ Ackerley