Rise Above is a Dutch heavy rock band, based in the Eastern parts of the Netherlands. This hard hitting outfit consists of Lars Uyttenboogaart (vocals/guitar), Rik Heebing (lead guitar), Romijn Sanders (bass) and Sander Helmink (drums). Their first collective sign of life, entitled “Stand My Ground”, is a three song EP. Let’s see what Uyttenboogaart and Co have to offer.

On “Stand My Ground” the bands keeps the middle road between Alter Bridge, Metallica, Black Label Society and Pantera. A daring combination, because all these bands have their own distinct sound and a large legacy to consider.

Rise Above managed to conjure up three, rather catchy, songs. Especially the title track has a very addictive groove and it’s the perfect song to blast in your car while touring the country side. “Rampage” is the heavy bastard on the EP, which reminds me a lot of Metallica’s ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ in a heavy Black Label Society/Pantera kind of way. “Empathy” is a semi-ballad in vintage Alter Bridge/Metallica tradition.  Lars Uyttenboogaart does have the timbre of Myles Kennedy and a little Hetfield in his approach as well.

Of course there’s room for improvement. There are some little imperfections here and there, but it does give “Stand My Ground” a certain live feel. The band is clearly searching for their own niche, but they are well on their way.

Rise Above is a band that really believes in their overall musical capabilities and that clearly shines through on “Stand My Ground”. If the band manages to play their cards right, I’m sure these guys have a bright future ahead of them.

Rise Above – Official Website