Pete Ringmaster asks the questions, Rick DeJesus of Adelitas Way answers them. They talk about the new album “Home School Valedictorian”, working with Tyler Connelly of Theory of a Deadman and WWE.

Thanks for taking out the time to talk to ThisIsNotAScene. Let us get straight to your new album Home School Valedictorian, which you recently released. What was the difference this time around in the songwriting and recording of it compared to your debut album?

It was very natural, we didn’t have any pressure except the pressure we put on ourselves. We knew we had to raise the bar really high on this album.

A feature of your songs is the way they build to explosive moments and infectious choruses, do you set out to achieve this in most tracks as a feature of your songwriting or is it just how songs organically evolve?

We set out for it, I feel, the chorus is the time for that feeling, the one you wanna blast on the radio and just let loose, the songs do evolve that way as well it just goes to that next place.

Like the band name, the majority of the songs feel like they come from personal experiences. A lot of artists in any field find those heartfelt moments are their best inspiration, is that the same for you and how easy do you find it to reveal and put those private things into public view?

This record was very real and very personal. I don’t wanna write about things I never been through or experienced, people can call bullshit fast they can see through the fake shit.

How did the link up with Tyler Connolly from Theory Of A Deadman on ‘I Wanna Be’ come about, and how involved was he in the song as a whole?

We toured with Theory on our first album and me and Tyler became friends, we hit it off, and we hang all the time, the song was inspired by some things that happened to us on a night out in LA. We went to a restaurant/club and the door guy was being a power trip dick so we wrote about it.

The album was produced by Dave Bassett who has worked with the likes of Shinedown. What was it about him that convinced you he was the one to bring the best out of you and the new songs on the album?

He’s a genius and he’s so easy to work with. It was the best experience I ever had.

It has been mentioned in the past that your sound is similar to other bands just as theirs is to yours, was that comment justified in any way and have you on the new album held that thought in mind when writing it?

I think people hear a raspy voice and the comparisons begin but on this record we really feel like we are ready to play with the big boys, we separated ourselves on this record and made a album you can tell is Adelitas Way when you hear it.

The new single off the album is ‘Sick’ and is certainly one of if not the most striking track on Home School Valedictorian. Could you give some background to it and about the accompanying video?

It’s about being fed up being sick of being under-appreciated as a person, as a worker, everyone has a boss who is a dick who always is on them and not paying them enough.

Most ‘experts’ say “to leave them on a high” but you have closed the album with the emotive ballad of ‘Hurt’ which leaves the listener, rather than bouncing off the walls, in a more pensive and melancholic mood. It does works very well but what convinced you it would be such a good ending to the album rather than a higher paced track loaded with a chorus that would be ringing around the listeners head long after Home School Valedictorian ended?

I’ve got a very dark vibe but still rocks a little, it just felt right it placed itself I felt.

Invincible’ off your debut album was the marker for when things really lifted off for Adelitas Way especially of course with the WWE latching on to it. Did you feel a shift in pressure and expectation from people and fans from that point and if so how did it impact on the new album?

Not really, we were very fortunate to have that on the first album we just wanted to give fans something bigger, badder and better

What is next for Adelitas Way in the immediate future and with plans further afield?

Tour, tour, tour and shake every fans hand that we meet. We are gonna work hard to make our stamp on music this year.