Redemption - This Mortal CoilTwo years after “Snowfall On Judgement Day,” American progressive metal band Redemption are back with their new studio album “This Mortal Coil”. Since other prog metal bands like Dream Theater or Arch/Matheos have set the bar up high with new albums already this year, let’s see what Redemption have come up with.

I must admit that the sounds of opening track ‘Path Of The Whirlwind’ remind me of Dream Theater a lot, along with many other songs and moments on the rest of the album. Yet still there are certain differences which create their own special, rather classic (80s) sound, especially due to Ray Alder’s vocals. However, it is the guitar and keyboard interplay that is the highlight of the whole album: great riffs are combined with choirs and synthesizers, which create a fantastic atmosphere along with the rest of the band. Their power is simply great!

And although the songs are quite similar because they’re all loud, powerful and fast most of the time the band knows how to keep the ideas interesting and the sound fresh. Not only the great riffs – basically the guitar and bass sounds themselves are very good, just like the drums. Only the keyboards tend to be a bit too cheesy sometimes. Nevertheless, ‘Dreams From The Pit’ and the album’s final song ‘Departure Of The Pale Horse’ show what this band is capable of and they are the best songs of the album as well.

But at the end I have the feeling that Redemption played it safe with “This Mortal Coil”. Not to be outdone: the album’s songs have a good quality, still. The power, the tight performance, the sound – it’s all there, yet it still falls short of  being the best prog metal album of this year.