Raunchy are a Danish band specialised in fusing death metal, industrial and pop music. Albums like Confusion Bay (2003), Death Pop Romance (2006) and Wasteland Discotheque (2008) received generally favourable reviews. Last year the band released a new album under the guise of A Discord Electric. Let’s see what it’s made of.

A Discord Electric is a continuation of what the band have shown on their previous records. Heavy guitar parts are varied with incredibly catchy hooks and choruses, while massive keyboard lines keep it all together. Singer Kasper Thomsen switches between harsh vocals and slick poppy vocals when the songs ask for it.

To put it simply, metal doesn’t become more accessible than what Raunchy presents on this album. These Danes nailed the noble art of song writing to perfection, which shines through in tracks like Dim The Lights And Run, Rumors Of Worship, The Great Depression and Ire Vampire. The pop elements are also the major Achilles’ heel of this record. Songs like Night Party, Shake Your Grave and Big Truth are dangerously bordering on the thin line between true expression and plastic bubble gum pop.

The production of A Discord Electric is simply spot on. It’s really smooth and makes the record even more accessible.

You have to give Raunchy a lot of credit on the way they manage to fuse pop music with death metal and industrial flourishes. A Discord Electric is a convincing album, but at times a tad too poppy for my taste.

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