When I think of Italian metal, it’s usually about incredibly over the top power metal in the Rhapsody vein or gothic rock from Lacuna Coil, which despite the delectable good looks of Cristina Scabbia, I don’t have a lot of time for. Raintime are an Italian band who are active within the melodic death metal realm. Psychromatic is their third studio album, so let’s see what it’s made of.

Melodic death metal is a fairly accurate description, however any form of a grunt or growl is practically nowhere to be found. In the heavy moments there are some traces of latter day Soilwork (Figure Number Five/Sworn To A Great Divide). Raintime seem to know their Raunchy classics as well, especially when it comes to incorporating dance rhythms and other pop influences within their sound. There are even some traces of Mercenary to be found if you listen hard enough.

The song material on Psychromatic is very compact and song/vocal oriented. ‘Fire Ants’, ‘Turned Up And Down’, ‘Never Ending Stairway’ and ‘I Want To Remember’ have this specific Raunchy vibe about them, but they miss the level of refinement which makes the Danes a stand-out in the crowd. ‘Shift’ is way too sappy for my taste and ‘Fake Idols’ could have easily been written by Mercenary. ‘Beaten Roads’ and ‘One Day’ are somewhat heavier and have more of a Soilwork vibe to them.

The mixing and mastering duties are done by Logan Mader (Gojira, Cavalera Conspiracy). His vast experience in the music business and behind the mixing desk  have gone together to give Psychromatic a modern and crisp sound.

Raintime know how to write memorable tunes, but it would become them if they would focus on finding their own unique sound rather than relying on sounding similar to so many other bands around at the moment. Psychromatic is by no means a bad record, it’s just so wannabe Danish.

Raintime – MySpace page