Primitai - The Line Of FireFrom the release of their album “Through The Gates Of Hell” in 2008 Primitai have been forging a strong reputation and respect, as well as a large and increasing following. “The Line Of Fire” their recently released album will only serve to see that trend continue. Their music is a fusion of traditional heavy metal like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden with current hard sounds as forged by bands like Bloodsimple.

The eight track album begins with the strong and powerful title track  “The Line Of Fire”, and is also the current single. The track is a statement telling all to pay attention here this is something not to be ignored and when immediately followed by the release’s finest moment “Sin City” it is one of the most impressive starts to any recent album. Guy Paish Mille’s growling vocals attack every track powerfully, leading you through each of the striking stories being told.”Sin City” easily was the stand-out track for me, a stirring song that would had not only not looked out of place on an early Metallica album; but would have enhanced it. A great example of the quintet flexing their muscle and creating a track that will stand upright and proud against anything else around.

“88” is the third track and the perfect vehicle for Nick Saxby and Srdjan Bilic’s guitar work to excel within. They are impressive and shape this and every song embellishing the attacking framework built by the bass and drums of Jamie Lordcastle and Chris Chilcott respectively.  With Jamie’s bass in “Degeneration” especially standing out as the hook to bring you in and helps make the song another stand-out piece on the release.

“The Line Of Fire” is an album of how to combine melodic sounds with the metal and, at times, an almost full-on thrash attack and is to be commended for that. However, for all of that, the stunning duo of tracks opening this and plus further on ”Degeneration” the rest of it is disappointing. The songs are solid, well written and well produced but bring us nothing new for either the band or metal music. This is especially highlighted against those tracks I loved at the start. The other tracks have nothing wrong with them, and any criticism is really just being picky but after the impressive start there is a flat feeling to the rest of album. I enjoyed listening to this record each time I did for this review but every time I was left feeling a lack of inspiration for 5 of the tracks, and if it was on the verge of greatness but the spark just did not ignite. In saying that, Primitai are a band to watch, the feeling is still very much apparent that they will become a major force in the future but maybe not with this album. The songwriting and musicianship is clearly evident, they just have to be a little more consistent.

“The Line Of Fire” is released on Green China Records and is available now. To find out more about Primitai, check out the band’s website