ThisIsNotAScene finally caught up with Gorgoroth for a quick chat, Ro and Pest talked about the band’s line-up, album titles in Latin, custom-made arm guards and more.

Tormentor and Tomas Asklund do not tour with the band. Who do you have covering for them in the live line up?

We use session musicians for live performances, Mostly Vyl from Keep of Kalessin (on drums), The bass player is also an old member of KOK. The guitar player (on this tour) is a Brazilian from a band called Ophiolatri.

Gorgoroth’s latest line up is quite like that of the mid nineties. Does Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt signal the rebirth of Gorgoroth?

Yes. With Infernus writing the material and me doing vocals there is definitely a throwback to the older times

Your last 2 albums titles have been in Latin, what do they mean and what influenced the language choice?

The Quantus title refers to large numbers of people converted to Satanism. Latin is an ancient language that works well with both metal and Satanism.

I was pleased to read that Under the Sign of Hell 2011 has finally been released. That must be a relief!

It is very nice to finally get it out especially since the tour is in support of the release.

What led you to re-release it, and what can fans expect from it?

Same material, but performed better and tighter and with better production.

Neoclassical elements are a characteristic of your work. Do you have a background in classical music?

No, I do not.

Satan has become a staple theme for black metal, with many bands using it as an anti Christian symbol, rather than showing any actual belief in the concept.  What is your opinion of bands who do this?

Black metal should at the very least have a satanic image!

Do you think it is important for modern Black Metal to maintain an openly Satanic and confrontational image and rationale?


What can we expect from the live show today?

Same as always-we will do the best we possibly can.

Where did you get your spikes from? Did you make your arm guards yourself?

They are custom made.

You founded Forces of Satan Records in 2006. What led you to create this?

To promote satanic metal music.

Do you have any bands you would like to recommend from your label?

All of them.

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