Fuck Djent… Oh wait, that’s not right! What I meant to say was “Fuck, I love Djent!” Djent, what is it, where did it come from and how the hell do you pronounce it? For years I knew it as Progressive Tech Metal, that was until this little upstart “Djent” began shouldering its way into our consciousness!  So, on a wet Thursday evening in Nottingham we jumped head first into the Djent collective with The League Of Extraordinary Djentlemen Tour at Rock City featuring the colossal combined talents of Monuments, TesseracT and Periphery.

Taking to the stage first were Monuments, born out of the ashes of Fellsilent and taking over where they left off. Monuments hit the stage hard with their infectious energy and intensity, immediately grabbing the attention of the large crowd that had gathered. Having seen Monuments before at the Basick Records Birthday bash last year, I was more than eager to see and hear how they had progressed in the six months since… and I wasn’t disappointed! The duelling front men of Neema Askari and Greg Pope is a sight to behold and then there is the insane twin guitar attack of John Browne and Olly Steele (Cyclamen) who make it look so effortless as they launch their brutal aural attack. All of this would be nothing if it wasn’t for the immensely talented backline of Adam Swan on bass and Mike Malyan on drums. As individuals they ooze talent but as a collective they create a sound that will firmly cement Monuments on the map in 2011. A debut album is slated for release later this year on Basick Records, I for one cannot wait to hear it!

Next up were TINAS favourites TesseracT, who after having seen them live twice last year became one of our favourite bands, despite both times vocalist Dan Tompkins had been ill and unable to perform. Their ‘Concealing Fate EP’ was a highlight of 2010 and increased our love for the band even more, but there was still something missing… to see them live as a complete entity. Finally, it was time to witness the full TesseracT onslaught and it was nothing short of breathtaking! Guitarists James Monteith and Acle Kahney were in full force as were bassist Mos and drummer Jay Postones, completing the line-up was vocalist Dan Tompkins. The crowd was already nicely warmed up from the outstanding Monuments set and welcomed TesseracT with open arms, head banging and jumping around! To finally hear tracks like “Deception” and “Acceptance” live with the full band was immense. TesseracT’s debut album ‘One’ will be released in March by Century Media and has already been pencilled in our Top 10 of 2011!

Headlining the tour were US progressive metallers Periphery led as always by the ever smiling, 7-string guitar virtuoso, Misha Mansoor. If the dual guitar attacks weren’t enough from Monuments and TesseracT then Periphery offered no less than three guitarists! Periphery have changed vocalist as many times as they have restrung their guitars but in Spencer Sotelo they seem to have found the right fit. Playing tracks from their recent self-titled album, Periphery set about what they do best… ripping people’s faces off with their intensity, progressive stylings and party attitude. Mansoor deciding that on top of the bar was the best place to stand midway through the set, the smile cemented on his face. With the constant attack from the three guitarists Mansoor, Alex Bois and Adam “Nolly” Getgood (Red Seas Fire), filling in for Jake Bowen, each taking turns at demonstrating their immense abilities and the bedrock of the sound being provided by Tom Murphy on bass and replacing Travis Orbin on the drums, Matt Halpern. The crowd lapped it all up and each one of them left the venue with a smile on their faces after experiencing a mind-blowing show!

A great night of progressive metal or Djent if you prefer, provided two of the UK’s up and coming bands in Monuments and TesseracT, and their American brothers Periphery. The term Djent may not be around for too long but on the evidence of this show Monuments, TesseracT and Periphery certainly will be!

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