Saturday night at the Bohemia Tent belonged to the dark side, weepers and gloom seekers, with both Paradise Lost and The Sisters Of Mercy adding a darkened alternative to Biffy Clyro. Judging by the impressive audience these two gothic heavyweights pulled, Bohemia was full of closet Goths clad in Big 4 shirts, a smattering of nostalgia seekers, and those just wanting an alternative to the Biffy. Tonight was going to be an interesting end to an eclectic mixture of music.

Having released a remastered version of the seminal ‘Draconian Times’ earlier this year, and followed up with a few dates playing the album in it’s entirety, Paradise Lost are are on the crest of a wave. Nick Holmes had told us earlier in the day that this would not be another run through of DT, but promised a mix of new and old to show why Paradise Lost are still masters of their doom driven craft. He wasn’t wrong, and tonight’s set proved to be one of the many highlights of Sonisphere 2011.

The set was an effective mix of new and old, the crunching ‘The Rise Of Denial’ from ‘Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us’ starting proceedings off, allowing guitarists Gregor Mackintosh and Aaron Aedy to get their fretboard digits well and truly warmed up. Holmes is in fine form, and ‘Erased’ allows him to exercise his vocal chords to their full depth, disturbing and hypnotic, we swear we saw a lass in the full on Goth garb almost smile. ‘Enchantment’ marks the first foray into ‘Draconian Times’ territory with the haunting keyboard intro raising the biggest cheer for the set so far. Holmes’ vocals jump from growling to soothing with everyone in Bohemia joining in…. “Woooooaaaah…. Like a fever, fever.”

Paradise Lost cannot be accused of standing still and rehashing the same thing over and over again with their albums. Genre skipping has become a trademark for them in keeping things fresh, and when they reach the electro tinged ‘One Second’ again the roof is raised. Clearly a favourite from the Paradise Lost disciples. This was a set that absolutely flew by. Holmes and his boys swept all those inside Bohemia up, taking us on a dark journey through the world of Paradise Lost. Delivered with ultimate professionalism PL are superb. The Sisters Of Mercy were going to have on hell of a job following such a top set.

Paradise Lost Setlist:
The Rise Of Denial
Pity The Sadness
I Remain
As I Die
One Second
Forever Failure
Say Just Words
The Enemy

Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal