With a bang, returns Southampton’s Our Time Down Here, their hardcore sound ready to strip you down and frisk you with straight up energized punk rock. “Last Light” is the bands new EP, following on from their self-titled album and the “Live, Love, Let Go EP”. “Last Light” shows a more mature craft in their songs plus a newer confidence in their own sound, which maybe before they were less sure of. Now references to other bands are mere flavours rather than direct comparisons as they evolve their music into something more distinct to themselves. The new EP is a six track blast of in the face urgency and power that demands to be noticed for its aggressive nature and musical prowess and will not be denied.

Requiem’ kicks off the show with its driving riff which immediately recalls 70’s punks Ruts, before expanding into a very brief but striking call to arms with gang shouts and the first showing of the great smooth tones of vocalist Will Gould. The track instantly slips into ‘The Midnight Hour’, a vocally driven track that blends the instant pop punk of early Green Day with the edge of NOFX and is a satisfying slice of sound. This is contrasted by its successor, the full out punk attack of ‘A Paper Ring’ and its growling attack over the 1 minute it just manages to reach in length. Straight hardcore punk and a rap across the ears reminding one that the band can hit hard as well as blend in some pop punk sensibilities found in other tracks.

The combined aggression of Greg Churcher, with his lurking basslines and the striding drums of Chris Taylor lay a heavy base for the guitars of Gary Painting and Ian Miles to cast some punishing but satisfying chords and riffs that swell the songs nicely and to no better effect than on ‘Draper’. A great heavy melodic track that lays the foundation for Gould’s strong vocals and coming off with the attack of Social Distortion merged with the lighter melodic style of Bad Religion, soaked with good hooks and gang harmonized backing vocals.

The best tracks on the EP though come at the end leaving the listener with a thirst for more. ‘Tiny Teeth’ is a chant laden, hook filled, sweet blast of poppier punk, giving a reference to the likes of CIV and in some ways Rise Against. Track of the EP almost, but the closer ‘Clouds Of Dust’ edges it with its near perfect construction of a punk song. Driving riffs, simple but effective hooks, chant chorus and earnest vocals coated with harmonies and melodic intricacies with the guitars. Best track on “Last Light” and if released as a single would rival for Single of the Year.

Our Time Down Here have returned with a release in the “Last Light” EP that is not only full of great tunes that deliver and satisfy but hold great promise for the album ahead which as you read they are working on. Maybe yet to quite find their own true sound they have certainly taken great strides in the right direction with this EP, stepping out to confidently show they are a band in their own right with new ideas and sounds and merely suggestions to others and not direct references. 

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