Our Lives In Motion - Stages“Stages” is the second release from Worcester, MA based Our Lives in Motion, following the 2010 “Salvation in Secrets”. Produced by Brooks Paschal who has worked on Paramore and There For Tomorrow releases, these influences can undoubtedly be heard on this EP.

“Stages” delivers six pieces of easily accessible stadium punk that, although in many ways undemanding, hint at a band that have opportunities ahead of them in that arena. With user friendly singalong choruses such as are evident in “Unstoppable”, crowd pleasing chord structures in “The Rescue” and a vocal style that shows off Dave Beaudreau’s impressive melodic range, “Stages” is easy on the ear and unchallenging to the mind. An unusual, but not inappropriate inclusion, is the short, delicate instrumental “Prelude” prior to the track “Recovery”, which seems slightly out of place and may well have been better suited to a longer format. To this reviewers ears this interruption to the flow of songs in some sense breaks down the cohesiveness of the EP.

For the demographic this release is aimed at, however, there is little doubt that Our Lives in Motion, without resort to gimmick, and displaying an unnerving honesty, can come up with the goods.

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