Origin - Entity“Entity” is the fifth album from technical death metallers Origin and is the follow up to 2008’s “Antithesis”. This is also their first for Nuclear Blast since leaving long time label Relapse. With a band with a back catalogue as consistently excellent as Origin, every release adds more pressure to live up past offerings, but with “Entity” they have easily met and possibly surpassed my expectations.

From the opening battery of ‘Expulsion Of Fury’ during which Paul Ryan (guitars) and John Longstreth (drums) exchange a blur of notes and blastbeats, right through to the closing bars of ‘Evolution Of Extinction’, Origin have set out to prove they are at the very top of their game, and on this evidence there are very few who could live with them on this form.  It’s not all insanely fast and technical however, as right in the middle of ‘Entity’ is ‘The Descent’. This is the calm mid album break that allows your brain a little bit of time to recover (for a grand total of ninety seconds) before the remaining five tracks.

‘Banishing Illusion’ is another track with a slightly different sound to the rest of the album, with a more chaotic grindcore style, reminiscent of England’s finest Napalm Death.  Even though the majority of the eleven tracks on offer here are short precise blasts, Origin are also comfortable writing more epic songs without compromising the style of the earlier songs. Towards the end of the album you have ‘Consequence Of Solution’ which at just over seven minutes is the longest song on ‘Entity’ and manages to keep up the relentless pace and has enough variation to keep you listening.

When a band changes vocalist (as Origin have recently) there can be big implications on the bands sound. New vocalist Jason Keyser didn’t join the band in time to be part of this album, but the vocal duties have been handed very well by Paul Ryan and bassist Mike Flores, so it will be interesting to see how the band develop once Keyser is fully involved in the next album.

Origin have always taken a very technical approach to their music and their undoubted ability is shown here in abundance. The production allows everything to be clear and audible, while retaining the brutal, unforgiving sound.  Origin are one of those bands I have always liked when heard on compilations, but I never actually got round to buying much by them. This album has made sure I rectified that situation at the earliest point I could. It has already been a prolific year for extreme metal with some outstanding releases and this deserves to be right up there. An essential buy!

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