For one reason or another we have never actually seen Opeth live, a shocking revelation indeed!, but thankfully that ghost was well and truly laid to rest at Sonisphere as we bore witness to a short but brilliant set on the Saturn Stage from the exceptional Swedes. We say short because 45 minutes is no where near long enough to do Opeth justice, as we were only treated to five songs.

Mikael Åkerfeldt was, as ever, his comedic self in between tracks, delivering his dry witted quips upon the gathered masses, including one about him being from Switzerland… Those who know Opeth will have expected such frivolity but those new to Opeth were trying hard to work out if it was the truth or a joke?

Thankfully, there is no joking around when it comes to the music. Opening the set with the majestic ‘The Grand Conjuration’ set the scene for what was to come. ‘Face Of Melinda’ was simply sublime, sending a chill down the spine as the haunting lyrics and chilling music washed over us. ‘The Lotus Eater’ and ‘Master’s Apprentices’ continued the high level of the set before it was closed out with ‘Hex Omega’. Mikael Åkerfeldt introduced the track by saying it may not be a crowd favourite track but the band loves to play it, who are we to deny them that…

A short but sublime set from Opeth, who one day, in our humble opinion, will be festival headliners in years to come and we can’t wait for that day to arrive!

Opeth setlist:
The Grand Conjuration
Face Of Melinda
The Lotus Eater
Master’s Apprentices
Hex Omega

Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal