Onslaught, Gama Bomb, Fallen Fate & Bludvera

The Masque, Liverpool – 26th September 2011

This gig was thrown into jeopardy a few hours before it was due to start as a breakdown to one of the vans caused problems for the bands getting here and left a lot of gear stranded on the road between Swansea and Liverpool. Up stepped opening band and local lads Bludvera who saved the day by sorting out all the equipment needed for the night to go ahead as planned.

Bludvera drew a big crowd for the first band of the night. A young band that definitely has a foot in the eighties as far as musical influences are involved. Their old school thrash got the heads banging and the pit moving. Good to see a band taking their chance and really going for it. They should do well with the impressive loyal following they have and also the free EP they have available. Extra kudos as well for sorting out the issues with equipment pre gig.

Next were TINAS favourites Fallen Fate. The four piece have done well in their short career, with two sets at the Download Festival, the “Revengance” EP and the recently released “The Virus Has Spread” album behind them, and seem to be growing into an accomplished band. A quieter crowd than the previous band, but still appreciative of the fine noise the lads were making.  A great live band well worth checking out if you get the chance.

Main support Gama Bomb were up next and were determined that their first gig in Liverpool would be a success. Starting with ‘Zombie Blood Nightmare’ they fired through a couple of tunes before stopping to say hello and that they hoped “you all like songs that sound exactly like the first two”. Vocalist Philly Byrne was on great form, constantly involving the crowd and chatting between songs. He reminded the crowd that recent album “Tales From The Grave In Space” was still available as a free download and promised that there was “absolutely no child porn in the file”. During ‘Hammer Slammer’ he threw in a few lines of Snoop Dogg’s ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ with effortless ease. It’s always good to see a band that have a sense of humour, and genuinely want the crowd to be having as good a time as they are. Gama Bomb made their time on stage count, with ‘OCP’, ‘We Respect You’ and ‘Bullet Belt’ all part of an excellent set. They left the stage after ‘Zombi Brew’ with a “Hail Satan”, leaving the crowd hopeful for a return in the very near future.

Finally, it was time for Onslaught, who tonight were making their first appearance in Liverpool for nearly two decades. From the moment they intro faded out and they started playing ‘Killing Peace’ to the closing bars of ‘Power From Hell’ this was a lesson in brutality. Playing songs from throughout their long career, the Masque was turned into a mess of denim, back patches and wind milling hair. The issues that had delayed and interrupted plans earlier instantly forgotten as they raced through an eleven song set, with ‘Born For War’, ‘Angels Of Death’ and ‘Planting Seeds Of Hate’ the highlights of an excellent night.  All the problems of earlier completely forgotten, and everyone there had been lucky enough to see something just a little bit special.