Of Mice & Men - The FloodSome say that metalcore is a genre which doesn’t have anything to say any more but nevertheless it still is quite popular. One of the up and coming bands of this genre recently released their second album – so let’s see what Of Mice & Men‘s “The Flood” has to offer.

The American quintet doesn’t waste any time and gets things going with ‘O.G. Loko’, the merciless opening track. Heavy riffs and fast drums, the obvious screams but also somehow the rather cheesy clean vocals are what it’s all about here. The breakdowns are really good – as so often within this genre. So far, so good – but as good as the initial sound is, the weak point of this album is the ever-repeating style. The songs all go the same way without leaving the well-known metalcore path.

The first different track is the fifth, ‘My Understandings’, which sounds more like a post rock ballad at first. It’s sad that this is mostly it – for all songs! Only the riffs keep the album going, but speaking of stylistic ideas, it all relies on the same formula more or less.

Of Mice & Men still keep the music fairly interesting with their powerful sound but some more experiments would make the experience a whole lot better. Playing safe just isn’t the way to go…

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