Obscura - OmniviumI’ve always been an avid fan of technical metal, especially when it’s done tastefully. Nowadays, there’s a greater appreciation of this kind of music as the rise in popularity of bands like Opeth, Between The Buried And Me, Mastodon and The Ocean will attest. German band Obscura are also into the technical side of things, albeit from a death metal perspective. They caused quite a stir with their previous album, so let’s see what “Omnivium” has to offer.

On “Omnivium” these guys take things to the next level. Their last album still acts as the blueprint, but their current material is way more adventurous and progressive. This is aptly demonstrated on ‘Septuagint’, ‘Prismal Dawn’ and ‘Aevum’. The band doesn’t shy away from using acoustic guitars, soaring melodic guitar solos and vocoder processed vocals. This gives the album a futuristic feel.

“Omnvium” has its share of shorter and more aggressive tracks as well. ‘Vortex Omnivium’ and ‘Euclidian Elements’ could have easily been on the previous album. A special mention should go to ‘Ocean Gateways’, which has a “Gateways To Annihilation” –era Morbid Angel swagger about it. ‘Celestial Spheres’ is another brilliant example of how well progressive and extreme metal can complement each other, when it’s done tastefully. Obscura is second to none when it comes to this particular art.

The production of “Omnivium” is sharp and crystal clear, making all the musical wizardry clearly audible and it gives the album a modern feel.

Obscura are the true successors of the style Chuck Schuldiner and Death pioneered back in the nineties. When it comes to thought provoking and forward thinking death metal, these Germans are second to none. “Omnivium” is the living proof of that!

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