Never The Last Breath - The Price Of DiversityOn a fresh wind of breath taking vibrancy and ingenuity Never The Last Breath and their album “The Price Of Diversity” show that there are still bands appearing to inspire and excite the ear and heart. Formed over two years ago the quintet from the Burton/Derby area has evolved into an instinctive and extremely tight band with full confidence in their sound and ability, “The Price Of Diversity” is the proof and result.

There is nothing predictable about their music, it incorporates anything and everything from pop punk, death metal, alternative, hard rock….well the list goes on. All is absorbed and distilled into their own distinctive and stunning sound that excites and reminds all why music is the life blood and reason for all things.

“The Price Of Diversity consists of eight tracks that without exception feed the soul, truly the release and songs are remarkably impressive, though as the band have had two years fine tuning in creating their sound it should not be a total surprise. It is more that there is a band from out of nowhere, well to those not privy to their local scene, this powerful, controlled, and simply exceptional that is an unexpected thrill.

The album starts off with intro ‘Chimes’, leading in with its intriguing soundtrack into the intense and driven slice of rock ‘Persona’, with a wonderful deep throaty bassline veining striking riffs and attacking drums it is instantly impressive. With elements of prog rock melodies, death metal grunts and shouts, and seamless pace switches behind the impressive and energetic delivery from Lisa, the track strikes for contention as best track on the album before even hearing the rest. The collective of Manti and Dan (guitars), MilkyBar Kid (bass), and the drums of Oolay, are forceful in an attack any established rock or metal band would be proud of; with the backing growls and shouts the track already would be impressive but once the vocals of Lisa fill the song the levels lift even higher. Her smooth impressive voice over the harder direct sounds brings a wonderful fusion of pop punk and metal that is undeniably satisfying and creative.

The best tracks on “The Price Of Diversity” are actually the same song, ‘Chick’, one being a remix that really is something different rather than simply a lazy moving of a few things and added effects. The first version is a brooding mix of light and dark that starts out as an eager burst of metal then evolves into an intrusive, harsh and wonderful heavy slice of dark metal with guttural growls to perfectly contrast the lighter but no less forceful lead vocals. Imagine early Senser meets Suicide Silence and you still only have a whisper of an idea of the sound. The remix reverses the vocals with the aggressive metal growls and shouts taking the lead. Though the vocal switch is the main difference it changes the dynamics of the song totally giving an even more intense energy and passion to an already fine song. For once here is a remix that stands equal to the original and stands solidly on its own as a worthy entity.

There is great variety on “The Price Of Diversity” that is to be admired. There is the intense heavy attack and grumbling basslines throughout but songs are flavoured in many distinct ways. ‘Sirens’ has an almost sludge rock feel in pace overlaid with soaring melodic black metal tones, ‘Fading Out’ a post hardcore feel, and ‘Obsideo’ a firmly driven pop metal sound. Never The Last Breath even does indie pop brilliantly as shown with ‘Back Down’, its punk core shining through like a beacon for the genre.

“The Price Of Diversity” is nigh on perfection it is that good and has everything that is great about rock music within its frame. There is no way to accurately describe the sound of Never The Last Breath, think No Doubt meets Iwrestledabearonce partying with Asking Alexandria and though not really close it is a clue. What is known is everyone needs to check the album out for their own well being.

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