Conflicting reports seem to be coming out of the Mötley Crüe camp as to what the future holds for the veteran glam band. One the one hand, frontman Vince Neil is indicating that he is on the verge of leaving the group – while, at the same time, bassist Nikki Sixx is claiming 2012 could be their biggest year yet!

In an interview with the Las Vegas Sun, Neil hinted that a forthcoming string of dates in the city – they are playing almost three weeks of back-to-back dates at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in February – could be his last with the Crüe .

“It’s not definite, but I am thinking seriously about it,” Neil said.

The singer was speaking from his yacht in the Bahamas, where he is currently on holiday after the band’s most successful touring year in the 30-year history, which including a string of sold-out British dates.

“I’m having a great time here – I could stay a year!” he continued. “I’m sitting on my yacht, contemplating my future, and I’m not sure it will be with Motley Crue after Las Vegas. Great things are coming up and pushing me in another direction.

“This is all about me thinking about the second half of my life, thinking about my future, and that future might not include Motley Crue after Vegas. There are so many opportunities that are in front of me that I’m really excited about. I just don’t want to look back later in life and regret that I didn’t pursue them.

“I’m just not sure I can give these opportunities the time and effort I’ll need to and continue with the band. It’s been a great ride, and I’ve enjoyed every second of it, but being out here relaxing in this beautiful place has given me the chance to reflect on what direction I want the rest of my life to take. I’m really giving it a lot of thought.”

However, a separate interview with Nikki Sixx, published in Rolling Stone, appears to contradict everything Neil says about the future of the band, especially in the short term. The bass player predicted that the Crüe were on the verge of what he believed “will be the biggest probably four to five years of the band’s career”.

“We’re negotiating with a couple of other extremely huge bands on doing a co-headline tour, something that’s never happened before. There’s new music in the future,” added Sixx.

Comments like these don’t seem to gel with suggestions that they may need to find a new singer to fulfil these ambitions, leading to speculation that the band either aren’t communicating with each other – despite Sixx’s assertion that all four band members are “100 percent engaged” – or are merely stoking the PR rumour mill.

One thing that does seem certain is that the much-mooted Mötley Crüe movie – based on their best-selling book, ‘The Dirt’, is finally going to see the light of day.

“We finally got everything in order the way it needs to be done, and that’s gonna happen,” said Sixx. “Trust me, when I say the wheels are in motion they’re definitely in motion.”

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