Max Raptor; a name that conjures up all sorts of images; a name that has impact; a name that promises something impressive…

This is the collective name of four Midlands based noiseniks who are well and truly receiving the TINAS seal of approval, with their high energy debut mini album offering “Portraits”. The album is released on April 11th 2011, it was recorded at Fortress Studios and had Dan Weller (he of SikTh fame) at the helm, and it’s more addictive than that bloody Angry Birds game!

The album is a full on raucous assault on society. It’s classic British Punk tones intermingled with hooks capable of landing Moby Dick. It’s dripping with attitude, right from the opening bass lines of the anthemic “The King Is Dead” you are pulled in, churned around and spat out, wanting to flip the bird at the nearest bunch of grannies waiting at the bus stop.  Will Ray is the perfect front man for the job, his vocals are spat out with that arrogance only someone force fed The Clash, The Buzzcocks and The Jam could generate.

It’s a slab of fresh attitude driven punk rock, bouncy as Hell and twice as obnoxious. “Beasts” throws gang vocals en masse at you, with such hugely infectious chorus lines that your body involuntarily moves along with the beat.  “Patron Saint (Of Nothing)” is a firm favourite at TINAS Towers, with the most infectious chorus ever, that would seriously challenge Billy Talent in a bounce off contest.  Lyrically cynical and acerbic, Max Raptor pull no punches: “We’re all the sick public figures with our heads in the sand” / “We are the children and we’re already dead”, it’s all top stuff.

If you like it raucous, snappy and attitude driven, with heaps of British punk overtones, then look no further than Max Raptor“Portraits”. Come join us in swearing at grannies, spitting at society and applaud our new favourite punksters.

Join us and catch the boys on tour supporting the album in May at the following venues:

3/5        Camden Barfly , LONDON
4/5        HMV Institute,BIRMINGHAM
5/5        Rock City, NOTTINGHAM
6/5        Road Menders,  NORTHAMPTON
10/5      B2 Venue,  NORWICH
11/5      O2 Academy 2, OXFORD
12/5      Forum, TUNBRIDGE WELLS
13/5      Brass Monkey, HASTINGS
14/5      Boileroom, GUILDFORD
16/5      Sin City, SWANSEA
17/5      The Well,LEEDS
18/5      Spensley’s Emporium, MIDDLESBROUGH
19/5      The Tunnels, ABERDEEN
20/5      King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, GLASGOW
21/5      Moho, MANCHESTER