The mighty progressive beast that is Mastodon has been a festival mainstay for many years and for good reason, as time and time again they launch their ferocious no frills attack and wow the crowds, leaving them battered and bruised but loving every second of the onslaught.

Their performance at this year’s Sonisphere festival on the Apollo Stage was no different, Mastodon took to the stage without a word and lunched into ‘Iron Tusk’, which sent the crowd wild. Then it was the turn of ‘March Of The Fire Ants’ to stoke the flames a little bit higher.

The procession of face-melting tracks was unstoppable with Mastodon choosing tracks from their entire back catalogue to unleash on the huge crowd gathered before them. Their no fuss approach to playing live seems to work so well with them, leaving the music to do all the talking and also has the added bonus of leaving more time for them to play!

Mastodon are one of our favourite bands to watch live and anyone that was at the Apollo Stage to witness this epic set will undoubtedly agree with us. They are simply stunning live and if you haven’t seen them then you have to sort that out, and quickly!

Mastodon setlist:
Iron Tusk
March Of The Fire Ants
Where Strides The Behemoth
Mother Puncher
Circle Of Cysquatch
Aqua Dementia
Crack The Skye
Ghost Of Karelia
Sleeping Giant
Crystal Skull
Colony Of Birchmen
Blood and Thunder

Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal