Third in our series of interviews with Talanas, Mathew Davies puts the questions to bass player Mark ‘Duff’ Duffy about the new album “The Waspkeeper”, medical records and the check-out guy in the local supermarket…

Firstly, congratulations on the debut album- it’s a triumph. How do you feel about it?

Amazingly proud!  I feel that this album really speaks of what we are about and gets across our vision in tunes that we all adore.

What were the easiest and hardest aspects of bringing “The Waspkeeper” to fruition?

I would say ‘Time’ for both. Given that we set things into motion the moment we had completed the ‘reason & abstract’ EP, the ball was already rolling so we carried on with that momentum. However it has certainly taken a whole tonne of time and effort to get this album out. Hence why we are so proud and we feel that the listener will appreciate all the work that has gone into it.

There’s a discipline and focus around all the tracks on the record- How easy are you to work with?

I’d say that I’m pretty easy to work with.  I do love to throw a spanner in the works every now and again, but someone has to play devil’s advocate sometimes.  I’ll throw out tonnes of bizarre suggestions that I’m happy to be shot down and get the response of “errr not really Duff, no!” … but the odd one gets through and that’s what makes it worth it.

What other current artists/bands are inspiring you at the moment?

I’m loving Fornost Arnor at the mo and am looking forward to their new album. Other than that I’m on a staple diet of Devildriver, Tool and a nice bit of Tim McGraw (great lyrics! .. give it a chance :D)

How do you all relax when you’re not working or gigging?

I play a tonne of poker and run a site that does podcasts with tips and strategy etc, so you’ll normally find me playing 6 tables on an online site or similar. Failing that, I’ll be down the pub!

We’re getting a round in. What’s your poison?

I’ll be greedy and have two please!  A bottle of Tyskie and a Bookers n Pepsi please! Tyskie is one of the finest beers about and as for Bookers!!!  Amazing. Also worth noting that Pepsi IS the best mixer.  I’ve done extensive tests. 

You’re stuck on a desert island- what are the key records you’d like to have with you?

Metallica – …And Justice For All – always brings a smile to my face, whether it’s the great tunes or Lars’ drumming I’m not sure.

Talanas – The Waspkeeper …. Will remind me of better times

My medical records – just in case I bump into a doctor and I get any funky disease / need a jab!

If you weren’t in Talanas, what would you all be doing?

Sitting at home playing my bass on my own…. Much more fun when there’s more of you.

Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, have become increasingly important for bands to get their music heard and distributed. Describe Talanas in 140 characters or less….

Firstly, click here and read our bio 😀 – failing that: “progressive, intelligent Metal, get on it!”

Time for the final question. What is your ultimate Spinal Tap moment?

I would say that we have made a massive fan out of the check-out guy in the local supermarket, as he always seems to serve us and really has sparked up an interest … nearly gave him a credit on the album.