Malefice - Awaken The TidesMalefice is an UK-based heavy metal band. They hail from Reading, Berkshire. These lads have been around for quite a while and they have three studio albums under their belt thus far. “Awaken The Tides” is the title of their new album, so let’s see what it has to offer.

“Awaken The Tides” has a good mixture of modern metal with thrash metal and death metal influences on offer. Let’s say a beefed up or updated version of Machine Head and Lamb Of God with some good Chimaira styled ferocity and attitude. “Slaughter Of The Soul” by At The Gates is also a good reference point. Malefice lacks two things that connect all the previously mentioned bands, namely songwriting finesse and a distinct sound of their own.

This doesn’t mean “Awaken The Tides” has nothing to offer, on the contrary I must add. The band’s sheer energy level is boundless and their enthusiasm is contagious. Songs like ‘Delirium’, ‘Dead In The Water’, ‘Baying in Blood’ and ‘Flood Of Red’ offer quality. Furthermore, the bands manages to conjure up some killer grooves and guitar solos. Dale Butler isn’t the most versatile vocalist of the bunch, but this ferocious barks adds a lot of additional spice to the record.

“Awaken The Tides” is blessed with a modern and crisp sound, although I wouldn’t mind a somewhat grittier production.

“Awaken The Tides” has enough to offer for metalheads who want to have a good time and who aren’t particularly looking for originality or innovation. However, in the grand scheme of things Malefice just lack that extra edge to really make an impact in today’s endless stream of new releases.

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