Since the early nineties Corporate Death, Dennis The Menace and Nefarious, collectively known as Macabre, brought the world delightful little tales about serial killers, psychopaths and other merry folk from the dark side of life. The band’s most infamous moment was their concept album handling the exploits of Jeffrey Dahmer. Macabre call their outings Murder Metal, which fits the music like a glove. After an absence of four years the band are back with a brand new load of fresh murder metal, entitled Grim Scary Tales.

In true Macabre fashion Grim Scary Tales is another collection of songs of murderously funny characters, such as countess Bathory, Roman emperor Nero, Dracula and Lizzy Borden. Despite the dark humorous twist of their music Corporate Death and Co are deadly accurate when it comes to solid song writing and ditto musicianship.

The band mix nursery rhymes with death metal, thrash metal, southern rock and chunks of bluegrass with the greatest of ease. Most songs have enough hooks and memorable choruses, so that you’re able to sing along with anthems like ‘Locusta’, ‘The Black Night’, ‘Nero’s Inferno’, ‘Mary Ann’ and ‘The Bloody Benders’ in no time. The best part is that despite the diverse nature of the individual tracks, Grim Scary Tales actually sounds like a cohesive unit.

The band are in fine form. Corporate Death’s vocals are as diverse as the music, the guitar riffs and leads are solid as a rock and the ever reliable rhythm section of Dennis The Menace (drums) and Nefarious (bass) stitches everything together. Sound wise I’ve nothing to complain about.

Grim Scary Tales by Macabre is another excellent rendition of their patented murder metal. The music has a dark kind of Monty Python styled humour over it. No matter how bad your day is, give this album a couple of spins and you’ll laugh your sorrow away!

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