Lost Without Cause - Take Back Everything Despite some relative and positive success such as being featured on MTV 2 in 2007, two successful tours, a single that broke into the UK Charts, and numerous shows with the likes of My Passion, Fei Comodo, Don Broco, and Lower Than Atlantis, Watford rock band Lost Without Cause have still to receive the reaction and surge in awareness that their strong sound deserves. With the release of their new album “Take Back Everything” that should soon be rectified rapidly and firmly, the seven tracks that make a release bulging with creativity and great sounds shows a band on the verge of something substantial, well if there is any justice in music.

The trio of vocalist and bassist Si Marks, Andy Holland on guitar, and the recent addition to the band drummer JJ, create a rock sound that can be placed in many ways alongside the likes of New Found Glory and All American Rejects as well as bringing the feel of bands like A.F.I., Lostprophets, and Puddle of Mudd. For all of that though Lost Without Cause even more so stand alone as their sound despite those comparisons has its own breath and life that belongs to no one else.

Take Back Everything is a release that starts and ends on extreme highs and in between brings some interesting and different variants on their sound, some moments more successful than others. Though this is the first time listening to the band it feels that they have two distinct strings to their bow and it is hard on one release to say which is their main or preferred style, the pop punk urgent attack of tracks like ‘Trigger’ and ‘Situation’ or the more emotive and intense serious rock tone as on ‘You Won’t Know’.

Trigger’ is the single from the release and a perfect start to the album, its strong drums forming a base for the guitar of Holland to trash its grooves out and Marks to grace with a fine voice some enterprising pop punk. It is a song that satisfies in every way and one can imagine it is a vibrant beast in their live shows.

Lost My Mind’ ensures the striking start continues with its slightly lower intensity emotional rock, the difference between the opening two tracks is marked but in quality and enjoyment they are definitely on an even level. The backing group chants are a fine feature and something that adds to numerous tracks on the release with always positive results.

Lost Without Cause songs are uncomplicated, making the full use of their three instrument attack, whether in the heavier paced tracks or more mellow and flowing tracks like the indie pop track ‘Loser’ and the more serious lined ‘You Won’t Know’. There is no excess on their songs to distract from the core artistry but they still bring big sounds to each track which is impressive.

The one time the album slips below the high standard is on the ballad ‘Sense’, there is nothing wrong with the track but it just does not sit easily amongst the other excellent tracks feeling like the releases impetus is lost at that point although that is soon amended with the closing two tracks.

Come On’ and ‘Situation’ return to the great urgency of the opener bringing enticing hooks, beckoning basslines, driving drums and melodies to swim around the ear welcomingly. Throughout Take Back Everythingthe band shows great skill in their music and songwriting but when they increase the pace and add that extra punk attitude they raise the bar for themselves decidedly. Final track ‘Situation’ is the perfect example, it bursts out with both barrels smoking, determined to be and achieving best track status, this is pop punk at its best.

It would be hard to imagine with the release of “Take Back Everythingthat Lost Without Cause will not enjoy a rapid and substantial increase in awareness and adulation, with seven songs of such evident quality it should be a deserved given.

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