Looking For An Answer - Eterno TreblinkaBefore getting this album, I must admit I had very little knowledge of the Spanish extreme metal scene. Although not knowing much of this band previously, a quick look at their discography shows that they have done split EP’s with the likes of Agathocles, Brazilian punk legends Ratos De Parao and Italy’s Cripple Bastards. All this meant that I was certainly looking forward to listening to this.

“Eterno Treblinka” is the bands third full-length album, and their first for the Relapse Records label. A nice spiky looking logo and some gloriously nasty artwork courtesy of Nor Venagruesa, leave you in no doubt of what you have let yourself in for.  My knowledge of Spanish is embarrassingly bad, having never been there or studied the subject at school. Luckily, most of the song titles on here are relatively easy to translate, numbers such as ‘Camp De Extermino’, ‘Terror Carnivo’ and ‘Cheerleaders Pare El Armegedon’ amongst the tracks on offer.

The 17 tracks on show vary in length but none of them are longer than the two minutes forty seconds of album closer ‘Holocausto Diario’, that is also the slowest track on the album. This track suddenly stops, leaving your brain to recover from the pounding its just received, but that lasts only a few second before a sudden burst of noise, which fades out to finish the album.

There are many influences on show during the half hour duration of this album. In true grindcore style, there is as much punk as metal here, with as much love for Discharge and Crass as there is for Extreme Noise Terror and Napalm Death (influences both musically and lyrically are apparent). Aside from the aforementioned language barrier, the songs have an obvious lean towards politics, war and social injustice, furthermore showing their grind influences. There are also a couple of tracks which have more than a nod towards Carcass from the “Reek Of Putrefaction” / “Symphonies Of Sickness” era.

For me, grindcore falls into two distinct camps, one which is just pure noise and one where there are definite songs. I have a fondness for both of them but this definitely falls into the latter. All of the tracks stick around long enough to leave their mark, there is short blast as well as slower paced (if any grind can be described as slow) and the band are all extremely capable musicians. The production has also allowed it to remain raw and brutal while still sounding clean but not too polished. The band haven’t tried to break new ground, but in a year that has produced top albums from Rotten Sound, Wormrot and Origin, they have still managed to produce an album which more than lives up to comparison.

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