Long Distance Calling - Long Distance Calling With the release of the self-titled third album German band Long Distance Calling have further developed their sound and have now become one of the most important German progressive post-rock/-metal bands, not only because their new album has attracted the German mainstream press’ attention.

It is the raw power of these mostly instrumental tracks which makes the music so special. Not only the crystal clear sound, thanks to the album’s superb production, but also the band’s great musical skills leave no point of criticism. Their work simply is brilliant, starting from the excellent song material, through to the band’s powerful performance.

It is stunning how the band manages to keep up the tension throughout the whole album and also having plenty of rhythmical and dynamical changes which indeed make sense. It’s not just music to show what the musicians are able of – this truly is an aural journey.

The five musicians are really working as a complete band. Although all of the songs are heavy and mostly guitar-driven there often are quiet moments led by synthesizer sounds and guitar feedback, reminding me of industrial and dark ambient music. Then there is ‘Middleville’, with the guest vocal spot of John Bush (of Armored Saint/ex-Anthrax), just goes to show that Long Distance Calling music can also work very well with vocals too.

The album is available with a bonus disc, too, featuring a live recording from the 2010 Roadburn festival. Here, songs from previous albums are featured and they are worth the extra money. The band are on form and tight during this concert, reducing the spacey sounds a bit but still delivering an intense show.

With this fantastic album Long Distance Calling prove to be one of today’s most outstanding progressive post-rock/-metal bands. Perfect!

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