Love them or hate them Limp Bizkit are back, the nu-metal rap rockers have always divided opinion amongst metal-heads, with the old guard dismissing them off-hand, yet they still manage to sell records by the boat load and fill arenas the world over. We here at TINAS Towers love them and with the release of “Gold Cobra” hope that this is the beginning of a new era for Limp Bizkit!

With LIMP BIZKIT in 15 foot high lights emblazoned across the backdrop of the Apollo Stage, as John Otto and Sam Rivers enter the stage to Gold Cobra’s opening salvo ‘Introbra’, DJ Lethal follows before Wes Borland, dressed in a now traditional space age costume in all black apart from the top half of his head which is white, takes his customary position of stage left. ‘Introbra’ gives way to ‘Hot Dog’ as Fred Durst makes his entrance, bedecked in baggy basket ball apparel and his trademark red baseball cap.

With a mix of old and new tracks in Limp Bizkit‘s set there was something for fans old and new. However, the set didn’t really flow smoothly, with Durst often between tracks appearing to ask the crowd what they wanted to hear next… we suspect this was just a ploy to engage the crowd and that the set was very much predetermined beforehand, but perhaps it could have been for real?

Limp Bizkit delivered, maybe not the best set of the day but certainly not the worst by far, die-hard LB fans will have loved the show and many of the haters may have too. You pretty much know what you are going get from Limp Bizkit, they rarely disappoint but neither do they leave you thinking it was the best show you’d ever seen… Still, we and 50,000 others had fun!

Limp Bizkit setlist:
Hot Dog
My Generation
Livin’ It Up
Break Stuff
Douche Bag
My Way
Take A Look Around

Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal