Lebowski - CinematicLebowski is a quartet from Poland and “Cinematic” is their self-released debut album, and actually the album title already tells a lot about the album. Ten tracks written as the soundtrack to a non-existent movie  – but let’s see what the band is really able of.

Playing mostly instrumental music with some solo vocal sounds, vocoders or vocal samples incorporated into their songs Lebowski take the listener on a cinematic journey with soft sounds and dreamy melodies that have a certain ambient and new age touch. All songs sound quite similar, most of the time like a mix of late era Pink Floyd and pop era Chris Rea, but without much action. It all flows in an unobtrusive way which makes me wonder why the listener should focus on the music at all. The melodies move around and float on and on but the tension is missing completely.

Many solos could show what the musicians are able of, but sadly the mellow sound mix leaves them in the background most of the time. What comes to my mind when listening to this album are these low budget TV channels which show landscapes all day long. If you know what kind of music is being played there you know what this album sounds like. Yet songs like ‘Trip To Doha’ and ‘Human Error’ still are quite interesting.

Anyway – Lebowski’s ‘Cinematic’ offers way too much to captivate the listener, but if you just want to relax, this album will surely help.

Lebowski – Official Website