Kevin Ridley - Flying In The Face Of LogicKevin Ridley is a well-known figure in the UK metal scene as vocalist/producer of Skyclad. He also earned his spurs as a producer for bands like Anathema, Venom and Lindisfarne, amongst others. Besides his work as a producer he kept on working on his own music. The fruit of his hard labour comes in the form of “Flying In The Face Of Logic”, his first true solo outlet.

So what to expect from Kevin Ridley and his “Flying In The Face Of Logic” album? The answer is rather simple as it is straightforward, namely folk music. Granted, there are some rock influences as well, but it’s mostly folk firmly rooted in Northumbrian tradition. Many of the songs are played with acoustic instruments, such as ‘Angel At Harlow Green’, ‘De Profundis (Back Home Again)’, ‘The Linton Flyer’, ‘Knotwork’ and ‘Lost For Words’.

“Flying In The Face Of Logic” has a good mixture of up-tempo songs, like ‘Good Intentions (A Young Man’s Tale)’ and ‘(We All Get) Where We Want To Go’ and slower melancholic material, like the aforementioned ‘Angel At Harlow Green’ and ‘Knotwork’. Kevin Ridley is a gifted songwriter and that makes this album a very enjoyable experience. Don’t expect any vocal frolics from Kevin, his straightforward way of singing gives “Flying In The Face Of Logic” a true sense of urgency. With the addition of ‘Eat The Sun’ and ‘They Dance Till Tomorrow’ he also included some Skyclad worthy songs on the album.

Kevin Ridley is also responsible for the production of the album. In lieu with the straightforward character of the music he gave “Flying In The Face Of Logic” a rather dry and Spartan sound. It fits the material like the proverbial glove.

“Flying In The Face Of Logic” is a very enjoyable record for the folkies among us. The song material is strong and diverse and I do appreciate the slight melancholic feel of the record. I would love to see Kevin performing his songs in a small local pub with a pint of Guinness within reach. Cheers!

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