Job For A Cowboy - GlooJob For A Cowboy is one of those bands that I’ve heard a lot about, have heard other people like, but a band I’ve failed to get into myself. With the recent release of their latest EP “Gloom”, it was the perfect opportunity to see what, if anything, I was missing?

Musically, they bomb along in the same furious way that all modern metal bands do but they also have wailing, twiddling, cram-in-as-many-notes-as-possible-guitars that personally I think have no place in metal.

And the vocals… Modern metal is a long, long way from singing, I realise that, but this kind of yelping is kind of tiresome, and “Gloom” is just an 4-track EP!

Finally, the songs. And I mean finally.

It sounds like Job For A Cowboy were so focussed on getting the shouting, the guitars and the drumming sounding just so that they forgot the one thing that differentiates all metal bands – in fact the one thing that differentiates all bands whatever genre – the quality of the songs.

These are not songs. They are four metal tracks that tick a number of boxes and you have forgotten them the second they finish. I mean, the playing is top notch, no argument there, but I’m looking for something original, something that separates one band from another. When they all play their instruments as well as they do and as well as each other, there’s got to be something, some spark of personality, to latch on to.

Sorry, but this offers nothing that I haven’t heard a million times before.

Job For A Cowboy – Website