During our more sober moments at this year’s Sonisphere Festival, we managed to grab some interview time with some of the guys laying waste to Knebworth. We gladly took a break from our drinking schedule to catch up with Anterior’s latest signing and chief skin smasher James Cook who was about to pop his festival cherry. Without holding back, we decided the direct approach was required.

Sonisphere, Knebworth how fucking awesome is that ?

Pretty fucking good and awesome, and to be honest it’s actually my first time at a festival. Literally my first ever festival, I’ve never been to a festival before.

No… seriously?

Yeah seriously, I’m ridiculous… I’m 25 and I’ve never been to a festival before!

Bit of a baptism by fire then isn’t it?

No kidding, it’s my first festival, and I’ve got to play it as well!

Christ, not bad going at all then… so jumping now to albums, This Age Of Silence… it was actually really good…

It was a good album…

You weren’t the drummer on that one though.

No I wasn’t playing on that one, I joined in 2009.

Exactly, so what we want to know is how does the new one compare… and shouldn’t we have had it by now?

Yeah, it got pushed back, just because of getting into the studio and stuff like that, and the new stuff is where it should be now. It’s definitely showing the growth of Anterior and where we should be. It’s also a bit more intelligent with it as well. It’s not the usual kind of drum crunch and go hell for leather.

OK so it’s not just raw grunt?

Yeah yeah, there’s a little bit of groove in there, a little bit of half time stuff in there too.

You’ve gone for the thinking man approach then? (laughing)

Yeah, we’ve tried to. (laughing) With everything you just put it together and just try your best.

Well skipping back to being here, one of the big things is of course the Big 4, did you catch any of it?

Yeah, we saw a bit of a blur that was Metallica. We got here around 8, got off the bus still drinking, got into the arena, very very drunk, and saw bits that just blurred into each other. Then somehow set up a tent and an airbed as well! It’s not too bad over there, we managed to get some decent space and somehow managed. (laughing)

So as you missed most of this Big 4, who would your big 4 be?

Well, I’m a massive fan, and I saw them a couple of years ago but Tool would be there. It was such a show it was fucking unbelievable. So I would definitely say Tool would be up there … and to be honest I can’t think of another three. (laughing) It’s too much to think about, too much to think about.

That big a night then was it?(laughing)

Oh yeah yeah yeah

Anyway you’re not on until the Sunday, but you have a couple of clashes running against you with Alestorm and Limp Bizkit…

Yeah yeah, but that’s ok because if you want death metal then you are going to come and see us, and if you don’t then you’ll see someone else. But that’s the really cool thing. I mean on facebook we’ve had loads of people saying we haven’t heard your band before but because you’re at Sonisphere, we’re going to come and see you.

Spot on, and that’s the great thing about festivals, and after this, what’s the future plans for Anterior?

Well, we’ve got the album coming out in August… and then just touring touring touring…

In terms of touring do you prefer the prospect of playing something big like this or do you prefer the sweatier smaller venues?

Do you know what, the thing with me is big crowds. If the crowd is good then I just feed off that. If you have people just shouting at you, what else can you do but go mental back at them.

Do you ever feel a little overwhelmed by it all? You joined a couple of years ago and this is your first festival…

Yeah yeah, I mean basically, James (Britton) the bassist, he spotted me at the Underworld in Camden, in front of like 500 people, something like that as we supported Tankard, and its just gone from there. We did the Metal Hammer tour in February with Sylosis, which was absolutely awesome. I mean massive crowds. That tour was really awesome, we were the first band on but still getting awesome crowds.

Well don’t you think there is a big surge in British metal bands at the moment?

Definitely definitely there’s a big insurgence. Its kind of come round from like when I was in school, you were the metal kid, so you were a bit weird. But now it’s the norm! I mean me and James were walking out of Asda the other day and there’s a thirteen year old girl wearing a Black Veil Brides t-shirt… and we were just like “what’s this”. It’s like I said before today, there’s a total insurgence of just playing instruments, it’s not just a case of all these over produced artists people are back to playing.

Do you think Guitar Hero or the internet has helped?

I think the internet has definitely helped. I mean I know people who have learnt to play off the internet as well. It does really really help.

But does it harm or help the industry?

It helps us a lot.

What even if people are going out there and ripping your album?

Yeah, I mean ultimately we want people to hear the album, and whatever medium they do it… then so be it. We just want them to hear the album, then hopefully after hearing the album, they’ll come to one of the shows… (laughing) and pay us some money, we need it….

One final thing, essentially the Anterior boys are predominantly Welsh… is that a problem? (laughing)

(laughing) No no, I mean we’ve got a Scottish member in the band as well, and he’s actually easier to understand the drunker he gets (laughing). Nah, it’s not a problem, I mean for my audition originally I came down for three days and we rehearsed at a working men’s club. Now whilst we were there a lot of old Welsh guys came down, and when they talk they sound like they’re fucking singing. It’s really really strange. You sit there thinking I haven’t got a clue what you’re fucking saying (laughing).

Well as you’ve got a Scot, Welsh and yourself… with the Olympics coming up, how do you all feel about the notion of a Great Britain football team?

We’ve said we should get an Irish guy in next so that we’ve got full representation(laughing)…

Wouldn’t it end up just being a big fight then (laughing)

Possibly… usually is anyway (laughing)

We figured that was probably the best place to leave things before we caused an international incident. So we wished James and Anterior well and we are well and truly looking forward to the new album “Echoes Of The Fallen” which lands in a few weeks.